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20 avril 2023 - Jour 1


09:30 - Café d'accueil


10:00 - Introduction des journées


SESSION 1 - Les unités du vivant comme premiers indicateurs des bouleversements globaux

10:15 - Royaute Raphael - UMR ECOSYS

Modeling of evolutionary processes under contaminant stress

11:00 - Pause

11:15 - Rocha Gomes Joelton

Enhancing efficiency of antiviral treatments of the nasal cavity

11:30 - Thaís Cristina Vilela Rodrigues

Characterization of MAM from Faecalibacterium

12:00 - Marant Blandine

Sustainable process for stilbene bioproduction through in vitro grapevinecell cultures


12:15 - Repas


13:45 - Présentation des posters Session 1

Fournier Robin - Toward a green synthesis of Levoglucosenone (LGO) derivatives : an example of lignocellulosic biomass valorisation

Dimina Laurianne - An optimized plant protein blend can be as efficient as animal protein to maintain fat free mass during aging: new perspectives of adaptation to the ecological crisis through the vegetalization of our diets

Yourdasmine ALI DAOUD - Development of a pregnancy physiologically based pharmacokinetic (p-PBPK) model for lead: Pb release into maternal blood and deposition in the fetal bones.

Lemaire Anaïs - Biofilm characterization of Clostridioides difficile strains isolated from Equidae


SESSION 2 - Organisations des populations face aux déséquilibres


15:00 - Pause

15:15 - Zibo Li

A tale of two copies: evolutionary trajectories of moth pheromone receptors

15:30 - Bernard Maria

The richer the better: 16S metabarcoding analysis of gut microbiota of laying hens in relation to feed efficiency and adaptation to diet change

15:45 - Jenkinson William

Unraveling food texture micromechanics with mechanics-based particle simulations

16:15 - Coves Marion

Characterization of virus-host dynamics in anaerobic digesters under abiotic stress


16:30 - Activité


17:30 - Fin de la première journée



21 avril 2023 - Jour 2


09:30 - Accueil


10:00 - Introduction de la journée


SESSION 3 - Le territoire comme espace de régulation

10:05 - Le Page Christophe

L'apport des jeux sérieux à l'échelle territoriale

10:50 - Pause

11:00 - Wang Ruizhen

Exploring livestock-related trade-offs through diet composition: a territorial scale study

11:15 - Porchon David

D'une politique territoriale d'adaptation à la guerre de l'eau

11:45 - Belleville Paul

Crop residue management and N2O emissions: a 12 years experiment on arable cropping systems in northern France


12:00 - Repas


13:30 - Présentation des posters Session 2

Seguin Clarisse - Effects of dietary mercury on the proteome and metabolome in Dreissena polymorpha, a sentinel of our aquatic environment

Berthelot Nicolas - Next-generation biomonitoring: creation of an independent device to monitor aquatic environment

Magnin Laurie - Impact of visual and olfactory cues on Psylliodes chrysocephala (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) host plant location and selection in the field

Briera Thibault - The role of international climate finance in accelerating the renewable energy transition in developing countries


SESSION 4 - Vers de nouveaux équilibres planétaires

14:00 - Bamière Laure - UMR Economie Publique

Résultats de l’étude INRAE sur le potentiel et le coût de stockage du carbone dans le sol par le secteur agricole en France ("4 pour 1000")

14:45 - Pause

15:00 - Salin Mathilde

Who takes the land? Quantifying the use of built-up land by economic activities to assess biodiversity-related transition risks in France

15:30 - Peroche Adrien

From tree fellers to planters: a systemic review of forest restoration initiatives by local populations in Central Africa

15:45 - Dayet Alexia

From field case studies to prospective scenarios: drawing systemic incentives to support agroecological transitions in Cambodia


16:15 - Pause - délibérations du jury

16:45 - Remise des prix


17:00 - Mot de la fin


17:05 - Fin de la journée


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